Clint was born and raised in Texas...


He graduated with a business degree from Texas Christian University and with a law degree from Southern Methodist University.  From a family of entrepreneurs, Clint has founded a wide variety of small businesses; and, as a business attorney and CPA, he has advised countless others in their entrepreneurial ventures. 


Whether stringing miles of barbed wire on the family farm as a kid, structuring large commercial deals, or swinging a hammer on his own renovations, Clint’s true business love has always been real estate.  He carries both a contractor’s and a broker’s license to cut out the middle-man and keep him close to the action.

Clint lives for his family and he met Sandy, the love of his life, in college.  Sandy has given him three incredible boys and years of sacrificial support, love, and understanding as he has pursued his ventures.  Clint credits providential intervention for his family’s deliverance from the real estate crisis of 2008 as he was led, at the height of his construction business, to uproot and move his young family to Idaho.